TV Installation

Ready for that new TV?  We can sell you a TV or install your purchased TV.  Our install is neat and professional with all wires hidden.  Since we are a licensed electrical contractor all of our installs include a surge protected electrical outlet.  Contact us or book a free estimate to discuss TV's and mounting options.

Surround Sound

Todays TV's have a great picture and a thin profile.  But with that thin profile comes sacrifices in sound quality.  Adding surround sound takes your viewing experience to a new level.  Having trouble hearing the dialog clearly?  A multi-speaker system or sound bar can eliminate this problem.  Schedule a free estimate to discuss the surround sound options available.

Universal Remote

Universal remotes provide complete automation for all of your systems.  No more fumbling with several remotes to control your TV, DVD player and audio.  Advanced programming starts your system with one button press, and even your lighting can be controlled from the remote.  Equipment can be located in a closet or behind cabinet doors, as no line of sight is required for control.  Voice control is also available.

Home Theater

Home theater is the ultimate way to enjoy all of your favorite media, whether it's the Sunday game, latest blockbuster movie, or newest HD video game. There are many options available to fit almost any budget. Whether you want a small, personal theater to enjoy your media in (can be installed in a room as small as 10' x 12' with four reclining seats) or a full-fledged cinema with advanced electronics.  Contact us for a free estimate.

House Wide Audio

Audio throughout your home is one of the most relaxing and entertaining upgrades you can invest in.  Our audio system features independent zone control and can provide unlimited music choices such as Pandora, Tidal, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and music stored on your phone.  Control is simple from your phone, tablet, and voice.

In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers

Wireless bookshelf speaker are great, but when you don't have an aesthetically pleasing location for them, in-wall/ceiling speakers complete the job.  We have several types from round and square to very small to match your recessed lighting.  Or you can always go with our invisible speakers.  Schedule a free estimate, call us or book online.

Outside Speakers

Relaxing on your patio/pool or having the neighbor party is always better with some music.  We sell and install wall mounted weatherproof speakers and landscape speakers.  All speaker systems can be connected to a streaming music system and controlled from your phone or tablet.  Schedule a free estimate to discuss the options available.

HDTV Antennas

So, have you finally had enough with the high cost of cable and satellite?  There are several ways to dramatically reduce your monthly cost without sacrificing any quality.  Many people are cutting the cord with HDTV antennas and media players.

Media Players

With all these high definition TV's we need to make sure they are getting the best media available to enjoy the HD picture.  We sell and install several media players, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV.  Google Chromecast  A strong reliable network connection is mandatory for these to perform well.  We install wired and wireless networks that meet the requirements of today's media players.

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