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Welcome to Smart Home Electric

We are an electrical contracting company located in Simpsonville, South Carolina serving Greenville SC and surrounding areas.


Electricity in homes hasn't changed in the last 100 years.  The basic principle of outlets, switches, and power to appliances has always been the same, till now! 


We have had automation for several years, but beyond financial reach for most people.


Things have been changing in the last few years, and with the big companies getting into the game, automation is now affordable for everyone.  It's described as the smart home, and it's changing how homes are wired and controlled. 


The future is here, and everything in your home is controllable through your network/internet.  What does that mean?  Controlling things such as lighting, air/heating, TV, music, cameras and just about everything that has electricity can be controlled through the network.  What would you like to control in your home?  Explore our site for ideas.


All these devices can be controlled by your phone/tablet or voice.  Yes, the voice control has finally arrived!  More than just controlling a single item but a group of them with one command.  Say the phrase "Alexa goodnight" and have the following happen, lights turn off, the thermostat is set to the desired temperature, and the doors lock. 


All of these products are professionally installed by Smart Home Electric.

Smart lights/fans, switches, outlets, thermostats, cameras and many more, visit our products page for great ideas.


Today's electrician must be knowledgeable in networking and programming along with all the standard electrical practices.


So you might be thinking that's all great, but I just need a light fixture installed or an emergency electrical service. 


YES, we do all of those electrical things.

24/7  Licensed and Insured                              Give us a call  864.392.3071



We have several ways for you to contact us.  Choose your preferred method.

Main:  864.392.3071

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